Hot Tips for Home Staging on a Budget in the Harrisburg, PA Area

When it’s time to sell your home, not everyone can afford to: “Spend Money to Make Money” or can they?  Did you know that buyers will formulate an opinion of your home within 7 seconds of seeing it?  So, you must grab their attention FAST!  And, did you know that a professionally staged home will sell in an average of 1-23 days, which is 90% faster than homes that weren’t staged?  But, in the Harrisburg, PA and surrounding markets, homeowners are finding unique, inexpensive and strategic ways to stage without breaking the bank.  Here are the rules:

1. Invest in a little help – Find a certified professional stager & have them do a consultation visit. ($175-$250) Trust me, this is worth it!  The stager will spend 2-3 hours and will give you a detailed plan of action for exactly what you need to do to prepare your home to sell fast. They know what it takes to grab buyer’s attention and help create spaces that buyers will envision themselves living in, so they’ll make an offer. Leave this advice to the professionals!

2. Channel your inner “neat freak”, roll-up your sleeves, and start packing now – Anything that you can live without for a few months, start packing in boxes and placing in storage or in a shed.  You must pack for move anyway, so why not start now?  Also remember, less is more. Get rid of anything you don’t need by donating it to charity, or giving to family or friends.  You’ll feel good to give to those in need and your house will look spacious, tidy and well-organized.

3. Clean, organize, clean, repeat!  You will want to do a spring cleaning on steroids. Remember, buyers want move-in ready, clean, updated spaces.  And, if you have pet, make sure to do a thorough deep cleaning on carpets & floors. Be sensitive to odors that may be invisible to your nose; & ask a stager for their opinion.  They won’t be shy and will give great advice in how to handle eliminating orders.  Hide all pet items during showings and take “Fido” with you!  Buyers may not love your pet like you do.

4. Remember to organize and par-down closet clutter to give the appearance of tons of storage.

5. You NEVER get a second chance to make a 1st Impression – Invest in fresh mulch, fresh flowers, and possibly a fresh coat of paint for your home’s exterior and foyer/entrance.  Stick to neutral paint colors and pops of color with flowers.  Not only will your property look great when buyers walk in, it will instantly give the impression of a neat, updated and inviting property.

6. Focus on staging the rooms that will give the highest impactThe Kitchen, Living Room, Dining Room and Master Bedroom & Bathroom. You want buyers to emotionally connect to these spaces, so they envision themselves entertaining and living there.  Try these suggestions: Set the table; create a cozy place to read; add new large coordinating sofa pillows and matching blanket.  Blues and Whites are hot trends this year. Set-out a bowl of lemons, an orchid or coffee station on the kitchen counter.  Consult with a stager on updated decor items that will have a huge impact on buyers.  These items can cost less than $100 but have huge bang for the buck and will help you sell fast!

7. REMEMBER – Staging is tax deductible, so invest in a professional who can advise you on the latest tips, trends and updates that will sell your house fast and for more money!  The rest, you can do yourself with a little elbow grease and some imagination.  You’ll have lots of extra cash in your pockets, because your home will out-sell those who didn’t follow these hot rules of staging on a budget!

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