Don’t Think you Need Staging in a Seller’s Market? Think Again!

In a HOT seller’s market, many sellers and realtors don’t think they need staging.  I ran into a realtor the other day that said: “Houses are selling so quickly; we really don’t even need to stage.”  Seriously?  Not staging means you're leaving money on the table!  Plus, you’re missing the opportunity to make MORE money for yourself and your seller!

WHY?  Because, staging will help you get more offers, sell the property faster and MAKE MORE MONEY!  According to data collected from realtors, The Real Estate Staging Association (RESA), reported that staged homes sell on average for 10% more than unstaged homes.

Here’s another success story from this week: ​​​​​​​

"Our seller tried to sell their house themselves, but got no offers.  They partnered with a great realtor, Shannon Foster, Century 21 Realtors, and an awesome stager (me).  We did an "Occupied" Stage, which means we kept most of the seller's furniture but added accessories to update the home.  The property sold in 2 days, with 4 offers and for $thousands$ over asking!  The realtor and the seller were happy because they BOTH made more money!  And, happy clients mean more listings!"

Here's what we did for stage this property:

1. Added Updated Accessories to Appeal to Today's Buyers

2. Hung New (Appropriately sized) Artwork

3. Used Slipcovers, new Bedding and Pillows to Modernize Outdated Furniture

4. Swapped-out Table Chairs and Barstools to Create an Inviting Kitchen

5. Created Home-School & Office Spaces for Today's Busy Families

Accessories (like white towels) give this Master Bath a Spa-like feel

White & light-colored bedding with large pillows update the look while distracting from antique furniture

Larger & modern artwork give this bedroom a fresh look

New barstools, coffee bar, ice tea set-up and accessories showcase how a family would live here

Swapping-out table chairs & adding updated accessories gives this space an updated look

New bright pillows and minimizing accessories brings warmth and showcases the focal point (fireplace)

Adding a slipcover to sofa immediately updates outdated furniture. Creating a home-school/play area shows how today's families can utilize the space.

BOTTOM LINE:  Don’t underestimate the true value of staging.  EVEN in a seller’s market, your house will sell faster, and you’ll make more money!! 

Contact Carolyn Plummer Designs to help you achieve these results when selling your property!

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