Luxury Model Home Staging & Design

As a Professional Home Stager & Designer in Mechanicsburg, PA and surrounding areas, I am well-versed in the various buyer demographics within these areas.  Each market is different and appeals to a specific buyer, so merchandising the model home space to fit that demographic is critical!  I also specialize in mixing off-the-rack with custom pieces in order to create a gorgeous aesthetic that's not hard on the budget, but looks amazing.

Our Philosophy...

​Classic Finishes + Trending Fixtures + Classic Large Furnishings + Custom/Trending Accessories + One WOW Factor Piece per Room = A Timeless Look that Buyers Fall-in-Love With

Conception to Creation Full-Service Design & Staging:

Depending on your demographic, size of home, luxury standard and length of display, we have several service options that will fit your needs

  • This full service design ranges from $25 to $75 per square foot depending on the luxury standard of the market, project and client.
  • The fee includes presentation, specifications, and design choices for flooring, paint colors, counter and cabinet finishes, lighting fixtures, wall treatments, window treatments, and space planning.
  • The fee includes cost of all furniture, merchandising accessories, artwork, greenery, custom bedding, pillows & upholstery.
  • The fee includes the cost of movers, merchandisers and custom upholsterers.
  • Builder is responsible for purchasing specified fixtures, treatments and electronics (flat screen TV's, flooring, cabinets, light fixtures and customer window treatments).
  • Builder is responsible for paying and managing subcontractors directly for all paint, window covering install and finish work (tile, wood, flooring, cabinets, moldings, etc.).
  • Builder will own all furnishings/fixtures and is encouraged to sell them in the final sale of the house.

A 10% retainer and deposit is required up front, to pay for the Full Concept Board, while the other 90% is due upon Full Concept Board presentation and signing of the agreement.

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