Coordinating Collections By Carolyn

Want to finish your space but aren't 100% sure if what you buy will match?  Introducing an entirely new way to purchase accessories that guarantees your room looks pulled-together, cohesive & GORGEOUS!  Each thoughtfully curated collection of pillows, lamps, artwork, rugs, and décor match, making it easy to select pieces you love!  Shop with confidence knowing that all accessories go together perfectly making it fast, easy and effortless for anyone to finish their space like a pro in minutes!

Best Buddies with Agreeable Gray

Accessories that complement rooms painted with Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray SW 7029 and Accessible Beige SW 7036. This décor works well with neutral sofas and seating to give rooms a well-designed and balanced welcoming feel. 

The Beach Bum Collection

A relaxed beach-inspired collection of pale blues, greens, creams and tans that will create a warm inviting and calm atmosphere. You don't have a own a beach home to bring this aesthetic into your in-land home. You'll be glad you did!

Transitional Neutral Vibes

50% Farmhouse and 50% sleek-traditional with a dash of contemporary = Transitional.  This collection pairs a neutral pallet with some light pops of color and minimally fancy accessories that will give-off a warm, calm and inviting atmosphere.

Hollywood Modern

This collection is the throw-back to days of old Hollywood glam with modern vibes mixed in.  If your style is dressy, sophisticated and contemporary, these accessories are your jam! 

Colorful Coastal

Have a beach house or just want to replicate the feeling you get when you're at the beach, then this collection is for you. Combining, light blues, navy, tans and coral-oranges, this curated group of accessories will transform your space to create a relaxing retreat you may never want to leave! 

Teal & Yellow HELLO

Full of vibrant teals, yellows, blues and grays, this collection is fun, energetic and full of personality!  These accessories will create a fun, playful and inviting atmosphere! If you like these colors then don't miss this beautiful blend of décor to finish your family or living room in style.

The Boho Elephant

Are your tastes eclectic & playful with a mix of bohemian nature loving mixed-in? Then this collection of bright colors, animals, natural elements mix-in will be your go-to for accessories.  If you like an earthy, vibrant, fun, cool vibe, these items will give your space the welcoming comfortable feeling you and your guests will crave. And it's great décor for college students as well!

The Nature Lover

Greens are the hottest decorating color right now. For anyone who loves creams, tans, mossy and emerald greens, and for those who love to bring the outdoors in, check out this collection inspired by nature.  Take a deep breath in because your rooms will feel soothing, calm & inviting incorporating these gorgeous accessories.

Purple Haze

Purple is the color or passion, compassion and royalty.  This small but versatile collection is perfect to pair with cool-to-warm grays or tan/cream neutrals to add a punch or color. It will bring touch of refined dignity to a space but leave you feeling calm and restful. (PS. It's my favorite color too, so I had to create a collection that's beautiful and comforting)!

Serene Vibes

Light blues and corals are always a great combo b/c they are inherently serene and relaxing together.  So if you're looking for a beautiful well-designed collection of colors and accessories to give the feeling of relaxation, warmth and serenity, this is your vibe!

Dressed-up & Ready for Company

This dressy collection is perfect for a traditional living room, study or family room.  Saturated colors pair well together no matter what colors you gravitate to, they all work together. So, re-invent your space knowing that it won’t be stuffy, just fabulously designed and ready for company or a party!

The Nordic Scandinavian 

This décor takes influence from modern and minimalistic design originating in Scandinavia.  Rooms decorated with this aesthetic have wood floors, & modern clean-lined, paired down furniture. This group of accessories brings in pops of color and keeps the theme of nature, clean-lines, and modern minimalism.   

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