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Homeowners in Mechanicsburg, & Camp Hill, PA Learn What Paint Colors will Boost their Home’s Value & Make it Sell Faster

Let’s face it, the easiest and most cost-effective way to update the look & feel of a space is with paint. Yet, many homeowners will skip this important step BEFORE putting their house on the market, because they don’t want to spend money on a house they are selling. What homeowners don’t realize is the value they are losing by not painting and not choosing the right colors that will bring them BIG returns on their investment. In other words, sellers are losing money by not painting their home before putting it on the market! This article will outline of few of the BEST paint colors to use that will increase the value of your home at resale.

According Statistics from Home Staging Resources, Inc., selecting the right paint colors can increase the value of your home by as much as $10,000. So what are the best paint colors for today’s Buyers?

Bathroom/Bedroom – Make upwards of $5,400 by painting these rooms a powder blue or periwinkle shade. These shades are soothing, relaxing and more conducive to sleep as well. For example, try using Benjamin Moore’s “Whispering Spring” BM-2136-70 or “Palladian Blue” BM – HC-144 or “Glass Slipper” BM – 1632.

Kitchen – Sellers can make upwards of $1,800 by painting a kitchen a light blue-grey. For example, try using Ben Moore “Grey Owl” BM OC – 52. The white kitchen trend isn’t going anywhere, so sellers may want to consider painting cabinets a cream or white such as Ben Moore “White Dove” OC – 17 or Sherwin-Williams ”Alabaster” SW – 7008. Make sure you are coordinating the cabinet color to other fixed items in the space such as flooring, counters and trim. If you need help, call-in a paint color consultant. They will help you select colors that are harmonious and will add value to your home.

Dining Room – Make upwards of $1,900 by painting your dining room a slate blue, pale blue/gray or navy rather than reds or burgundy. Try Ben Moore “Van Courtland Blue” BM HC-165. If your room doesn’t lend itself to these shades stick to neutrals like Ben Moore “Manchester Tan” HC-81 or Sherwin-Williams “Macadamia” SW 6142 or Ben Moore “Muslin” OC – 12.

Even Real Estate Agents report that when home sellers opt not to paint "figuring its too much of a hassle", sellers end up losing money because the house sits on the market and loses value the longer it goes without an offer.  Today, buyers are busier than ever and want move-in ready homes. In fact, most buyers will overestimate the cost to paint, and will either low-ball their offer, or move on to the next house. And, no one wants that. So, if you want to sell your house for top dollar and NOT LOSE MONEY, paint before you put your house on the market. Your internet photos will look great, & attract more attention, plus you’ll make more money at the closing table!

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